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The number of students age 11-18 that admit to vaping

This statistic shocked us the most as government surveys show this number to be at only 7%. We believe that the real figure is somewhere around 35-45% as many people don't admit to it


The number of students that believe vaping starts from peer pressure

Our main aim at Red Tape The Vape is to tackle this issue as peer pressure gets people addicted to vape and then they cant stop


of people with nicotine addiction battle it for the rest of their life

Unlike other drugs where if you quit after 2-3 weeks the physical substance cravings stop due to the receptors in the brain dying. The nicotine receptors in the brain never fade meaning once you are addicted to nicotine it is a daily battle to stop


The number of students that see vaping as normal

This is a difficult problem to tackle as it shows just how dangerous vape culture is as once people see it as normal we are fighting a losing battle.

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The number of students that see 15+ people vaping per day


The number of health conditions that have been linked to vaping


people in deprived areas are 28% more likely to vape


Increase in the number of under 18's that vape since 2020

Statistics: Infographics
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